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Damon & Emily: A Fight for Everything

Shortly after Emily gave birth to her son, Damon, she and his birth father went out for a night of celebration. Upon returning home, though, they were very intoxicated and began to argue.  When the disagreement turned extremely violent, though, police were called. 

Upon arrival, the situation in the small house had become quite dangerous. Even though it was in the middle of the night, the determination was made to remove little Damon. With nowhere else to go, he was placed in our Emergency Foster Care residence.  From the moment Damon arrived, staff members could sense the fear and anxiety throughout his body. As you may imagine, he was very upset and lonely. Everything was done to make Damon feel comfortable, safe and loved. 

As the days went on, it became apparent that it was not safe for him to go back to his birth parents who had continued with their pattern of drinking and violence. Damon was placed with foster parents who loved, nurtured and supported him through this very difficult time.

And as that time progressed, despite her love for her son, Emily just couldn’t control her drinking problem.  Each day, she found the separation from Damon heart-wrenching.  “It’s really, really hard to lose your baby,” she recalls through tear-soaked eyes. 

From the fires of her own trauma, though, Emily became determined to get her son back.  She entered a long-term residential rehab program.  Fighting her own demons, she began to heal and initiated the process of re-gaining her son. Despite long odds, Emily eventually succeeded and was re-granted custody of Damon.

On the day the two were finally reunited, both were overwhelmed with happiness.  Tears of joy flowed freely as they embraced for several minutes. It seemed they would never be separated again!  Says Emily: “When you love your child, you’ll fight for him!" 

Without a place to turn in the middle of the night, there is no telling where Damon would have had to go as he awaited placement with a relative (who is appropriately vetted) or a proper foster family.  We are grateful to be one of only a handful of agencies in New York State to provide such a sanctuary for children experiencing such trauma.

Tomorrow, our Giving Tuesday drive will support this program with proceeds going to purchase items such as bedding, pajamas, board games and stuffed animals.  Best of all, our loyal friends at Lawley Insurance will match your gift (up to $2,500) -- so you can DOUBLE your impact!

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