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OLV Human Services is aware that the Governor of New York State signed bill A.5494 into law on Thursday, November 14, 2019 to let adopted children obtain their original birth certificate. This law will go into effect January 15, 2020.  Beforehand, the New York Commissioner of Health will promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of the bill.

It should be noted that OLV Human Services does not hold adoptees’ birth certificates. If you were born at Our Lady of Victory Hospital / Infant Home, and would like to request a copy of your birth certificate, please contact the Lackawanna City Clerk, 714 Ridge Road, Room 215, Lackawanna, NY, 14218. To obtain a copy of your birth certificate, you need to supply your adopted name, date of birth, adoptive mother’s maiden name and father’s name, along with a copy of your driver’s license or two picture identifications. Cost is $10.00 per certificate. Out of State Applicants must pay in the form of money order or cashier’s check. No personal out of state checks will be accepted.  If you wish to receive a copy of your “original” birth certificate, you must wait until after the effective date of January 15, 2020 to make your request.

For any additional information please contact OLV Human Services.  Please click here.