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"Life has not always been the happiest for me. In my home, drugs and alcohol were always around. When my parents used them, they would fight. Badly. One night, I woke up because I could hear them fighting. The yelling got louder and louder. Then I heard pushing and things being broken. I was so scared. I didn't know what to do, so I just hid under the covers. I put a pillow over my ears. I guess someone called the police, because my mom and dad stopped screaming when the doorbell rang. When the policeman found me in my room, I was so scared. I was shaking and tears just kept rolling down my face. I don't remember saying anything at all when he scooped me up and carried me to his car. Then I was taken away."

Can you imagine that happening to you as a young child? Can you imagine the trauma from the fear, anxiety and heart break?  Not knowing where you were going?  Not knowing what had happened to your parents? Sadly, exactly this happens to young children nearly every day.  

Baker Victory Services’ Emergency Foster Care Program is the only one of its kind in the region. It offers sanctuary, a temporary residence for children who are removed from their home by Child Protective Services due to addictions, abuse, neglect or trauma. According to the Buffalo News, the number of children separated from their parents in these conditions exceeded 2,000 in 2016, the highest number in more than a decade!

Our residence is a safe place wherein children receive love, supportive care, and guidance. These young people are provided a stable living environment so they can learn how to cope with their emotions, develop self-esteem and daily living skills, and start the process of learning to trust adults once again.

While they are with us, a permanent home -- sometimes with biological family members (grandparents, aunts/uncles, older siblings, etc.), sometimes with a foster family -- is sought and vetted. The average length of stay in our residence is 60 days and during that time, children attend their usual school and specialized recreational activities.

Real Children.  Real Stories.

The following stories are ones of abuse and neglect, of families who are struggling and the innocent children who are caught up in that battle. But even though they speak of difficult times, these stories can end with hope and inspiration. And they can include YOU -- someone who cares and wants to help turn their lives around. It is important all of us play our part in the fight for every child.



Freddy was removed from his home at age six after enduring neglect and abuse from his mother due to her addiction problems. Upon arriving at our residence, you could see the agony in his little eyes. Freddy loved his mom, so this separation was traumatic. Being young, autistic, non-verbal, and lacking social skills, he was frightened, hurting, and feeling so alone. As a result, he often acted out.

Slowly trusting our dedicated staff, Freddy began to develop better social skills, he used his words to communicate more, and, now, when he breaks things, he says: “I’m sorry.” The joy is returning to his eyes.

While in a rehab program, Freddy’s mom realized how drugs had torn her life apart and how much she missed her son. She is now determined to overcome her addictions and complete all of the court’s mandates. Both she and Freddy are looking forward to the day when they will be reunited!



Born with physical and behavioral challenges, Zach's pain grew when he was removed from his home because of his parent's drug addiction. When the county social worker brought him to our Emergency Foster Care Program, he was haunted by fear, mistrust and anxiety. Making matters worse, because of his inability to communicate with others, he was shunned by his peers and those with whom he shared the residence. 

Slowly, though, he has begun to trust staff members and interact with them through a speech-generating device. As he has gradually learned how to relate with others, he has become more readily accepted by other residents and his classmates at school…a turning point in his life! 

Although the healing process has begun for Zach, he has many hurdles to face and is awaiting placement within a more permanent living environment.