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An interview with john sullivan

Our Lady of Victory (OLV) has been fortunate to be the recipient of many types of Capital Campaign gifts and pledges that will positively sustain the legacy of Father Baker both in the present and well into the future. One such loyal benefactor is John Sullivan - owner of Buffalo Truck Center Inc. The Voice sat with Mr. Sullivan to ask him about his involvement with OLV and Father Baker's.  

How long have you been affiliated with Our Lady of Victory Institutions?

I have been affiliated with OLV my entire life. I was adopted in 1970 and spent a lot time there as a kid with my Grandfather and Uncles - who were doctors and surgeons at OLV. I have served on the board of Baker
Victory Services and chaired Baker Victory Night two times. Currently, I serve on the OLV Institutions Board.


What made you want to give a gift to the Capital Campaign?

I owe my life to OLV. Born unwanted into this world - innocent and alone - OLV was there to welcome me and find me a family. Now, OLV is involved in many worthy forms of charity besides adoption. OLV helps so many people throughout Western New York.

How did you feel when you gave your gift?

It felt like a good start. I will continue to support OLV my entire life.

What impact do you believe you've been able to make through your giving?

I believe my giving is a very small part of the very large legacy that was left by Father Baker and inspired by Mary, Our Lady of Victory.

What would you like to tell others about contributing to the Capital Campaign?

OLV needs prayers, donations, and volunteers. Get involved in any way you are able. You can help change people's lives with your prayers, dollars, and actions.

How has Father Baker personally impacted your life?

I am a Baker Boy and my great grandfather was a Baker Boy, too. Father Baker sent him to medical school. The two of them started the hospital together. Without Father Baker, my family would not exist.