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Novena of Thanksgiving in Honor of Our Lady of Victory

As a young child, Hannah, despite having to deal with a variety of developmental disabilities and being confined to a wheelchair, was always cheerful. Then, as a teenager, she experienced catastrophic medical conditions that required several surgeries.  And as her physical condition began to deteriorate, Hannah became depressed, sad, and angry at life.

Her parents brought her to our residential program knowing that we could provide for Hannah's wide-ranging physical and emotional needs.  Gradually, things changed for her and now she can sing and, communicate with words and simple sentences.  And her zest for life has returned!

Hannah's story is just one of many that is repeated day after day in the lives of other children in our care.  So I turn to you, asking you to open your heart and send a generous gift to help provide the specialized care they need.

As Hannah gives thanks for the new life she is enjoying because of you, I invite you to give thanks for the special people in your own life by joining us in our Novena of Thanksgiving in Honor of Our Lady of Victory from July 8th to the 16th.

To support the children in our care -- like Hannah -- click the image below.

You can also submit your intentions to be remembered during the Novena by clicking below.