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Solemn Novena in honor of St. Joseph

Abandoned, scared and lonely… that’s how little Harry felt.  

You see, his biological mother and his grandmother were both addicted to drugs.  One day, while living with his grandmother, she overdosed and passed away right in front of him.  He felt sadness, anger, and hopeless about his situation.

Harry then went to live with an aunt and uncle.  Shortly after the two divorced, his aunt wanted nothing to do with him.  He was neglected and even made to sleep on a couch outside on the porch in all types of weather.  Can you imagine having to sleep in the cold and rain?    

Learning of the situation, Child Protective Services removed Harry from his aunt’s home and brought him to our campus, to our Foster Care Program.  Arriving at our residence, he was frightened, hurting and suffering deeply from horrific trauma abuse.
He wondered ─ why doesn’t anyone love me?  Will anyone ever love me?  Can I trust anyone?  

As the days wore on, Harry began to feel safe.  Through months of intensive counseling, he spent a lot of time sharing his feelings and discussing the trauma he had suffered.  His attitude changed and he started to trust adults again. In time, he was placed with one of our foster families who have given him the precious gifts of peace, love and stability.  

Like Harry, uncertainty was a constant part of St. Joseph’s life…when he learned that Mary was pregnant, when they had to travel to Bethlehem, when they were unable to find room in any inn, and when they had to flee to Egypt.  In those situations, Joseph, too, felt scared and alone.  But through those trying times, he persevered in faithfully protecting and providing for Mary and Jesus.

St. Joseph is a model “foster parent.”  Through your generous support, YOU, too, are an exemplary guardian!  For you give children, like Harry, a chance to fulfill their potential.

Like Joseph, we are called to hear the cry of our suffering sisters and brothers, to reach out to them in their time of need.  Can children, like Harry, count on you by sending a special gift from your heart?  Your gift will help provide the specialized services, programs, and love our children desperately need.  Please click the image below to make your donation.

As each of us is called to be a “protector” for all children in need of loving care, we invite you to join us in our Solemn Novena of St. Joseph from March 11th to 19th.

For a copy of the Litany to St. Joseph, please click here.


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