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solemn novena in honor of our lady's assumption


Join us in prayer for our Novena in Honor of Our Lady’s Assumption August 7th through August 15th.

To submit your intentions to be remembered in the Novena, please click here.





Prayer to Our Lady of the Assumption

Mary, glorious Queen, upon completion
of your earthly life, God took you into
heaven to abide with him forever. Your
ultimate journey into God’s loving arms
gives us hope.

Your life of faith and trust inspires us.
You taught us to be open and to believe
in the impossible and embrace the unknown.

May we imitate you by listening and responding
to the Word of God with love and fidelity. Mary,
be our companion on our journey!

We ask this in the name of Jesus,
the Eternal Word, who lives with
you and the Holy Spirit.