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solemn novena in honor of our lady's assumption

Life is a journey! 
How are you navigating through it?  Are you looking for guidance?

If so, there is a perfect mentor and guide for you ─ Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

As we commemorate the Feast of the Assumption on August 15th, we not only recall Mary’s earthly life but also celebrate that wondrous moment when she was taken into the loving arms of God to abide forever.

You see, this feast is about a journey: Mary’s journey.  We see how she traveled through life, on her way to God and to heaven.  It’s a human story that gives us hope that, like Mary, we, too, will one day experience our own resurrection.    

Throughout her life, Mary dealt with joys, sorrows, uncertainties and struggles.  She teaches us how to listen, how to trust and allow God to lead us.

Along our journey, we, too, struggle with hardships, heartaches, unknowns, joys, celebrations and special moments.  How we react to such situations determines the path our journey takes and, eventually, the outcome.  Truly, Mary can guide us on our own personal paths.

Join us in the SOLEMN NOVENA IN HONOR OF OUR LADY’S ASSUMPTION from August 7th through August 15th, asking Mary to show you the way as you navigate through your own life. 


Please send your special intentions to be remembered in the Masses and devotions offered at the OLV Basilica during the Novena.




Prayer to Our Lady of the Assumption

Mary, glorious Queen, upon completion
of your earthly life, God took you into
heaven to abide with him forever. Your
ultimate journey into God’s loving arms
gives us hope.

Your life of faith and trust inspires us.
You taught us to be open and to believe
in the impossible and embrace the unknown.

May we imitate you by listening and responding
to the Word of God with love and fidelity. Mary,
be our companion on our journey!

We ask this in the name of Jesus,
the Eternal Word, who lives with
you and the Holy Spirit.