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Solemn Novena in Honor of Our Lady of Victory

Just as Father Nelson Baker shared those words with donors in 1902, the sentiment is the same today at Our Lady of Victory Institutions.  Your great generosity and prayer cause us to give continual praise and thanks to Mary, under the title of Our Lady of Victory, for you and for the many favors and blessings received throughout this past year.

Father Baker's legacy of honoring Mary has continued down through the years. So for us here at Our Lady of Victory Institutions October 7th, the Feast of Our Lady of Victory, is a special day of joy and one of deep gratitude to Our Lady for her countless blessings so generously bestowed on our ministries and in our own lives.
As a special way to honor Mary, please join us in prayer for our Solemn Novena to Our Lady of Victory, beginning September 29th and concluding on the Feast of Our Lady of Victory, October 7th, by praying the Litany to Our Lady of Victory (click here for a copy of the Litany).
Another way to honor Mary is to send a gift from your heart to help the courageous children in our programs who live every day with physical and mental challenges, deep emotional pain and serious behavioral problems.
Through your generosity, you'll give them the medical treatments, physical therapy, intensive counseling, and the hope they so desperately need.
May Our Lady of Victory inspire and guide you closer to her Son, Jesus!
To submit your Special Intentions to be remembered throughout our Solemn Novena and in Our Lady's Feast Day Mass, please click the image below.