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"To pray the Rosary is to hand over your burdens to the merciful hearts of Christ and His mother."

-Pope John Paul II


Why We Pray The Rosary

Life is full of moments both joyous and filled with grief. At times, our days seem to ebb and flow between a variety of emotions and circumstances, and yet we have a hope that is steadfast and unwavering. When you are looking for answers to challenging questions or in need of comfort in times of struggle, nothing is as powerful as praying the Rosary.

Throughout history, this vital practice has been attributed to miracles and victorious battles. Our world today seems to be completely chaotic at times, but the Rosary brings us hope, strength and peace in the midst of it all.



We want you to experience the joy and comfort of praying the rosary, so we'd like to offer a special rosary. 
When you give a gift of $5 or more, we'll send you the exclusive Our Lady of Victory Rosary pictured above. 
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Our sincere hope is that, as you pray the Rosary, Mary will inspire, guide, and lead you closer to Jesus.