"Oh, what a good mother"


Nelson Henry Baker was born on February 16, 1842. He was the second of four sons (Lewis P., Nelson, Andrew and Ransom) born to Lewis and Caroline (Donnellan).  At birth, Father Baker was baptized in the Lutheran faith, the faith of his father.  When Nelson was 10 years old, under the spiritual influence of his devout Catholic mother, he was rebaptized in the Catholic Church.  As a child, Nelson loved to accompany his mother to Mass.

Carolyn Donnellan Baker was a faithful Catholic woman who influenced her son, Nelson. In the Fall of 1873, while Nelson was in the seminary, he wrote in his diary "Oh, what a good mother. May God bless her and preserve her until I can make her happy." The picture of Carolyn below is from an oil painting that was placed in Fr. Baker's casket before the final blessing on July 31, 1936.