Nothing is as strong as a mother's love

A Mother's Love Knows No Bounds!


There’s no better example of that than Jennifer, whose love for her son Nathan, has never been stronger.  Nathan was born with Cerebral Palsy.  He suffers from seizures, he can’t swallow, walk or talk, and requires the use of a feeding tube.  He gets around on his knees or in a wheelchair and he communicates by using sounds, his hands, or a computer board.

For 18 years, Jennifer’s life revolved around Nathan!  She tirelessly provided him with the 24-hour care he needed.  But, as he grew and his medical needs increased, Jennifer and her family had to face the hard reality that Nathan needed more support than what could be done for him at home.  What a devastating awareness for any mother!  

Although the decision to place Nathan in our residential facility was a logical and necessary one for the family, it was heartbreaking.  And for months, Jennifer felt unbearable feelings of guilt.
But today, Jennifer has no regrets for Nathan receives the specialized care he needs, takes delight in doing activities with other residents, and his eyes are filled with joy.     
When Nathan was asked, what’s special about his Mom ─ he looked at her and gave her a big smile!  What more could a mother want?  Give mothers, like Jennifer, peace of mind and happiness.


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