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Giving Tuesday 2018 is coming! 

This year, our Giving Tuesday drive will support the children of our Emergency Foster Care program.  One of few such programs in all of New York State, it has become essential.  According to the Buffalo News, the number of children separated from their parents due to threat of imminent harm exceeded 2,000 in 2016, the highest number in more than a decade. 

Here's how it works:

  • When an "iminent threat" or dangerous living situation is reported to Child Protective Services, it is acted on immediately.
  • If warranted, children are removed from the home at once -- at ANY time of day.
  • A need for a safe, stable and nurturing environment is needed ASAP while a more permanent placement (often with grandparents, aunts/uncles, older siblings, etc.) is identified and appropriately vetted.
  • Our program provides sanctuary to these vulnerable little ones for as long as it is needed.  The average stay is 60 days.

All of the money raised on Giving Tuesday will be used to purchase items such as pillows and bedding, school supplies, crafts, toiletries and books.

From a Buffalo News article in October of 2017: 

During a recent visit by the News, a 9-year-old boy was...home.  He wore a new Batman baseball cap, a gift.  It was his birthday and he was spending it [at Baker Victory Services]...During the visit, the boy showed off his bedroom, making a beeline for his dresser where a hand-painted card sat. It was signed by all of the other children at the house.  Another gift, a green metal truck, was given to him by his sister, who is also staying at Nelson Cottage...

At least the two siblings are together and for the time they remain here they can participate in activities, go on field trips and get rides to schools they have regularly attended. [A residence manager] said for some children, learning to help make meals and eat together around a dining room table is an unfamiliar experience.

Giving Tuesday is Nov. 27, 2018. 
Check our website and/or our Facebook page on that day for details!