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Estate Planning & Your Will 

A Legacy of Caring

It is often said that the legacy of a life is best measured in the number of hearts touched. Those who shared with others a life of character, accomplishment, compassion, and generosity will have created a legacy that long outlasts themselves.

One such individual is the founder of the OLV Homes of Charity, Venerable Nelson Baker. This humble man shaped the future of countless people with his unshakable faith, boundless enthusiasm, grandiose dreams and limitless acts of charity. To this day, through the work of Baker Victory Services (BVS), thousands of children and families' lives are profoundly impacted by the same programs begun by Father Baker decades ago. Consider the following figures:


  • BVS staff members provided care to more than 3,600 children, adolescents and adults in 2017. The agency's programming is quite diverse and includes covering a variety of educational, mental health, residential, and preventive services.
  • Of the hundreds of families served by Baker Victory Services last year, approximately 89% live below the poverty line.
  • Last year, 1,119 young children throughout the region received early intervention services through BVS. These programs look to address delays and/or disabilities that may affect a child's development.
  • Approximately 562 children and young adults received individual therapy, family therapy or group therapy though the BVS Outpatient Clinic.
  • Vocational training, work-experience programs and job-placement services are offered to 225 individuals of varying ages.
  • A total of 783 students (grades PK-12) participate in BVS' education-based programs.


Preserving Your Legacy

There are very few people who lived the life of charity led by Father Baker. But the reality is that a large portion of the support received here at the OLV Institutions comes from people just like you -- those from all walks of life who have lived a life of kindness and compassion. In fact, many assist the children and families of BVS through estate gifts.

If would like to support the work of Father Baker's legacy of caring in this way, the best first step is to decide how to have your affairs handled (especially if you have not done so already). There's no one way to proceed that fits everyone's needs, but with careful planning and guidance when needed, a clear path can be established.

Your decision should factor in family considerations, the types of assets you have accumulated and thought regarding how you'd like to distribute them to your loved ones and the charities you hold nearest to your heart.

Assistance to the OLV Institutions can take a few different forms including

  • Giving a stated amount.
  • Giving a percentage.
  • Giving a residuary.
  • Giving a lasting memorial.
  • Giving a gift of lifetime income.


If you'd like any information or guidance in any of the above giving vehicles, you are welcome to contact us at 716-828-9610, 1-800-525-4906 or email us at [email protected]. Please remember that by remembering us and the thousands of needy children and families served by BVS, you will not only be ensuring their future, but your legacy as well.

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