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Solemn Novena in Honor of the Infant Jesus

This Christmas, give the special gift of LIGHT that is yours...

You share the brilliance of light ─ the God-within-you ─ with others when you care and share your resources with those who have nowhere to turn. Your light shines brightly for children in need, like Dale...

His childhood years were filled with lots of darkness, his father was in and out of his life and his mother was heavily addicted to drugs resulting in many days spent in shelters and in parks.  Unable to quit her addiction, his mother abandoned him at 8 years of age.  Can you image Dale's intense fear, rejection, and loneliness?
At that point, the County Social Services turned to our foster care program for help.  Dale was placed with foster parents who nurtured, loved, and supported him ─ helping him deal with his deep emotional pain.  Within months, his mother died.  His foster parents helped him grieve her loss and then they diligently attempted to find his father.

Once his dad was located, he began taking an interest in Dale by visiting him and their relationship grew - so much so that Dale is now living with his dad.  This will be their first Christmas together!

This Christmas be a light in a child's life by sending a special gift of love!  

Join us in our SOLEMN NOVENA IN HONOR OF THE INFANT JESUS from December 17th through Christmas Day.  For a copy of the Litany of the Infant Jesus please click here.

This Christmas, may Jesus brighten your life with hope and fill your heart with love.  Merry Christmas!

To send your donation and to submit special intentions to be remembered in the Novena Masses, please click the image below.