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 Frequently Asked Questions

When will renovations supported by the campaign begin?

Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity and Baker Victory Services have identified much needed renovation projects throughout both properties. When we have the cash in hand to pay for each particular project, we will contract the work.


I already make donations to the organization. Why should I support this campaign?
This campaign supports special projects critical to sustaining Father Baker's legacy well into the future. Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity and Baker Victory Services are grateful to all of our regular donors. Your gifts are needed to support operating expenses and are not designated for the campaign needs.
How much should I give?
Your pledge is a very personal decision. Ultimately, we ask that you carefully consider your gift in terms of your overall commitment to our organization, and how this transformation can impact those served at "Father Bakers."
Will my gift be recognized?
All gifts to this campaign will be recognized in a suitable fashion.  Click to learn more about Donor Recognition
Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. The amount contributed is deductible to the full extent provided by the law.
If I make a multiple-year pledge, how long will I have to fulfill it?
Making a pledge, as opposed to a one-time gift, allows you to make a larger gift to this campaign over a designated period of time. We are asking parishioners to fulfill their pledges over a three year period. Five-year pledges may be discussed if necessary.
How can I make my pledge payments?
We have developed a three-year and five-year pledge chart to help you identify a pledge level that you can reach. You will see that you can choose to make your pledge in a number of ways. The Homes of Charity will send out reminders before each payment is due that will include your updated balance.
Can I make pledges via credit card?
What happens if I am unable to complete my pledge?
A pledge to the campaign is a promise; it is not legally binding. The Homes of Charity and Baker Victory Services are dependent on the generosity and ability of benefactors who deeply care about its future to complete these projects. While we hope that you will not experience any financial challenges, should your financial situation change, the Homes of Charity will work with you to accommodate your situation.