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Meet the Cooks 

Close Ties to Our Lady of Victory

Paul & Judy (Villa) Cook have been closely associated with Our Lady of Victory for many years. Their links to us are many and varied, but it all began when Judy was adopted from the orphanage at the age of five weeks. Her family's ties to the Institutions go farther back than that, but Judy's first memories of "Father Baker's" were when her mother told her she was adopted. As Judy says, "God has blessed me in so many ways, and, most of all, by my mother adopting me."
Judy let us know that her mother didn't even pursue adoption through any of the other organizations in existence at that time, she went directly to Our Lady of Victory.
While their memories go back a long way, so does their history of support. This couple first started making donations many years ago, and the family's commitment to supporting Our Lady of Victory runs very deep. "Late in Mom's life she let me know she always felt close to "Father Baker's" and OLV. Mom let me know she hoped I would feel the same way & would continue to support Our Lady of Victory as she had after her passing." Judy added that "I felt that way after mom was gone, and am honored to carry on where she left off."
While they left WNY in 1996, Paul & Judy bring life to the old saying that you can take the people out of WNY, but you can't take WNY out of the people. They visit as often as possible, and try to attend Mass at the Basilica whenever they're here. In addition, they stay in close touch with family and friends from Buffalo and Lackawanna. Judy actively follows the latest developments in the Cause for Father Baker's Canonization.
Because of their abiding faith and a desire to support the work done by "Father Baker's" and Our Lady of Victory, Paul and Judy have included the Institutions in their estate plans. When asked about their motivation to do so, they let us know that the Institutions have always been an important part of their lives and they see a bequest as a logical extension to their support.
Since the beginning, bequests have been a useful tool for donors who wish to support Our Lady of Victory. The income we receive from these gifts plays a crucial role in enabling us to care for the children, adults and families in our care. If you would like additional information about how you can assist us in this way, please request one of our free, no-obligation Will Preparation Kits. This kit can assist you greatly in preparing to visit with a qualified estate planner so you can have answers ready for the questions they ask most often about how you want your affairs to be handled.