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Father's Day Golden Treasury Cards

A father is a hero ─ that's what Nora thinks.  Nora, a loveable child with profound intellectual disabilities along with mobility issues, has developed a special bond with her dad.  And the feeling is mutual!  To him, every day he sees her beaming face and beautiful smile is Father's Day.
Join Nora in celebrating, honoring, and giving thanks for the special men in your life.
Give them the priceless gift of prayer by enrolling them in our Father's Day Golden Treasury of Masses and by lighting a large candle in their memory at one of the altars in Our Lady of Victory Basilica.
We also ask you to consider making a gift ─ large or small ─ to provide the specialized services and programs for those in need, like Nora.  By doing so, you'll allow them to feel the same love and guidance your father gave you.
To submit your intentions, request a Father's Day card (pictured) and/or to submit the names of the special men you want us to remember in prayer, please click the card image below.