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 Homes of Charity Christmas Cards


Can you feel it? 
Christmas ─ the most wonderful time of the year ─ is just around the corner!

Before you know it, you’ll be caught in the whirlwind of the season's traditions. Sending Christmas cards tells loved ones, friends, and co-workers that they are near to your heart and that you value their friendship. Think about the warmth you feel whenever you open a card someone sent to you!

Yes, card writing helps us celebrate the gift of relationships.  Recalling how grateful to God for placing this special person in my life. 










If you'd like to order some of our beautiful Christmas cards to send to the special people in your life, please call (716) 828-9648, email us, or click the button below. For each package you request, we suggest a special Christmas gift of $10 or more to support the disabled and troubled children and teens in our care.

We hope we can count on your help and your generosity.

With your continued support ─ and with your special gift to our children ─ we can continue to provide the intensive care they need to maintain their quality of life.